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    Finity Technologies, Inc.


    WHEREAS, Annual advertising spending in the U.S. is approximately $280 billion; and

    WHEREAS, Broadcast television advertising amounts to approximately $60 billion: and

    WHEREAS, Many advertisers are getting increasingly impatient with lack of return-on-investment (ROI) figures from broadcast advertising; and

    WHEREAS, Feedback about ad campaign success to advertisers is limited to small samplings from Nielsen and perceived lift at retail. In both cases timeliness and relevancy is lacking; and

    WHEREAS, Advertising agencies are being squeezed on their compensation due to ineffective or non quantifiable results from broadcast advertising; and

    WHEREAS, Cable operators and major software companies are building an interactive environment to replace or coexist with conventional television; and

    WHEREAS, this interactive environment is being driven and enabled by the federal mandate for digital television (DTV); and

    WHEREAS, Consumers are gaining more control of what they watch and when they watch it because of devices like TiVo and services like Video On Demand (VOD); and

    WHEREAS, Consumer privacy issues and rights are being hotly debated by federal and state legislators; and

    WHEREAS, Wireless providers need to balance subscription revenue with other forms of revenue like advertising;

    THEREFORE Finity Technologies, Inc.

    • Will develop applications that enable the delivery of targeted advertising over interactive mediums.
    • Will provide advertising agencies an application to specify the characteristics or profiles of their targeted audiences for an ad campaign,
    • Will match the profile from the ad agency within a pre-specified probability of consumer information purchased or obtained from consumer databases, behavior data provided from the cable, network, wireless and satellite providers and preference data provided by the consumers.
    • Will deliver location specific ads to network, cable, satellite, local TV and wireless providers for delivery through their ad scheduling systems.
    • Will protect the privacy of consumers
    • Will provide a means to quantify the success of ad campaigns.

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